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Mavericks Youth Baseball Camps

Our Philosophy and Yearly Schedule:

Medicine Hat has amazing weather and baseball facilities! For up to seven months (April 1st to November 1st) there is ample opportunity to develop baseball skills outdoors. There is also an opportunity to begin indoor training in the Field-House during the months of February to April. It is also felt, that simply because we CAN perform baseball skill development for 10-12 months each year, it is not necessary to do so.

A substantial part of becoming a better baseball player is staying healthy (minimize injuries, reduce burn out) and becoming strong with correct strength and conditioning training.


So what does a sample periodized plan look like for a Medicine Hat baseball player aged 15 - 18 yrs old?

Summer Season (May 1 - August 15 *14 weeks) - What it's all about! A competitive game enviroment!!

Fall Season (August 28 - October 1 *7 weeks) - J-Mavs Fall Ball!! A time to work on skills, try different pitches or positions.

Off Season (October 1 - February 1 *15 weeks) - Put the bat and ball down. Active rest. Begin strength/ mobility program.

Winter (February 2 - March 1 *8 weeks) - Start to dust off the rust, light baseball skill training begins.Strength training continues. If there's a trip down south, training begins a bit sooner (mid January) to ramp up arm care.

Spring (March 2 - April 30 *8 weeks) - Getting outside after time indoors is so welcomed! Working on things that can not be worked on indoors such as ground balls, fly ball, team defence positioning. Baseball season is in the air!!!

The total outside baseball time for this age group (15 - 18 yrs) would be approximately six months with an additional two months indoors, for a total of eigth months of baseball. The off season would consist of four months of rest and strength training.

This program period is slightly adapted for the 13 - 14 yrs age group, which would see total baseball time of six to seven months


Our Values:

Physical/ mental conditioning is the foundation to improving skills and long-term enjoyment of sport.

- Strong work ethic

- Accountability/ Responsiblity: We hold ourselves, our coaches and our players accountable & responsible for actions

- Being a great team mate

- Positivity builds good team culture

- Being coachable

- An individualized approach to teaching our athletes is of upmost importance



Winter Indoor Camps: located the Field-house (Cypress Centre)

Spring, Summer and Fall Camps: Outdoors at Athletic Park



Thank you for your interest in Mavericks Baseball Lessons & Camps!


Since 2003, we have offered various winter, spring and summer baseball camps for various ages of boy and girls in Medicine Hat and surrounding area.

We also offer private and small group lesson from May to September (outdoor at Athletic Park) and January to April (indoors at the Field-House).

We boast a player to coach ratio of 6:1 or better, great pricing, and coaches who have backgrounds in professional, Team Canada National Team or college baseball. Our programming is also created by our staff who has a degree in Kinesiology.





Our Coaches:


Greg Morrison 

With Coach Morrison's background in Kinesiology, the Mavericks will demonstrate how the athlete's movements translate to success on the field.

Coach Morrison is a former 12 year professional player (LA Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays orgs) as well as Team Canada member (7 time selection to JR and Men's National Team). He has combined his playing experience with the academic knowledge of biomechanics (U of Calgary Bachelor of Kinesiology) to give a principled approach to coaching your child.


Jared Libke

Coach Libke's coaching career includes time with the Prairie Baseball Academy and the University of Monticello - Arkansas. Originally from Saskatoon, Jared is the Mavericks pitching coach after three seasons as a pivotal pitcher on the Mavericks team.

Both Coach Greg and Coach Nolan are home grown Med Hatters who have progressed through Medicine Hat Little League, Medicine Hat High School Baseball and American Legion Baseball. They understand local sport systems, and can help both you and your child navigate through the crucial baseball development stages.




Our Month by Month Camp and Lesson Postings


January 2022:

Indoor sessions at the Field-House for 13-18yr olds begin.


February 2022:

Indoor sessions at the Field-House for 9-12yr olds begin.


March 2022: 

Indoor camps continue at the Field-House.

Medicine Hat Little League assessments are in April. Our March camp is the time to get your body/ arm ready for MHLL assessments!!!


April 2022: 

Indoor Field-House sessions transition to outdoor as weather allows (approx April 10th)

Med Hat Little League Assessments are mid-late April (date to be announced)


May 2022: 

Medicine Hat Little League season gets under way!!!! Have fun.

The Mavericks run less camps during May, and focus on small group and private lessons to accommodate and supplement league and association practice and game schedules.



June 2022: 

Medicine Hat Little League house league season wraps up, assessments for MHLL all-star begin.

The Mavericks run less camps, and focus on small group and private lessons to accommodate your little league practice and game schedule.


July 2022: 

Medicine Hat Little League (MHLL) all-star season under way.

The Mavericks run less camps, and focus on small group and private lessons to accommodate your little league practice and game schedule.



August 2022: 

Medicine Hat Little League (MHLL) all-star season completes.

Mavericks Fall ball season begins!!!!



September 2022: 

Mavericks Fall ball season continues!!!!


October 2022: 

Mavericks Fall ball season continues unitl the snow flies (usually second week of October)


November - January 2022: 

Recommended off season. A time for players to focus on other activities such as strength, mobility, other sports.




Let's develop your baseball skills. We offer Private and Small Group Lessons from April 15th until October 1st each year at Athletic Park. See pricing below.


Pricing Details

 # of Players  # of Coaches  Cost per player (45 min)  Cost per player  (60 min) Cost per player (90min)
          1            1             $45               $60              n/a
          2             1             n/a               $35              n/a
          3            1             n/a               $25              n/a
          4            1             n/a               $20              $30
          5            1             n/a               $20              $30
       6-7            2             n/a               $20              $30
         8-11            2             n/a               $18              $20
       12+            2             n/a               n/a              $18

Pricing does not include GST. Form of payment can be credit card/interac or etransfer to [email protected] Please include your child's name or invoice # in the etransfer message when sending :)

Please note unless the sessions are prepaid for the number of players per session, the cost per player fluctuates to reflect to the number of players in attendance. ie. 3 players on first session = $25 per player, 4 players attend the second session = $20 per person.

Cancellation/Rainout Policy:

Rainout/weather policy: We do our best to host a lesson even with inclimate weather. Rained out lessons will result in your choice of a refunds or credit to another lesson.

If you need to cancel/refund a lesson: Please give a minimum 24 hours notice if you need to cancell a lesson or the full amount will be charged.

If you need to cancel/refund a camp: If earlier than 7 days before the start of a camp = 10% admin fee

                                                            If 7 days or sooner of the start of the camp = 20% admin fee

                                                            If camp has started, discuss your circumstance with our office.



Contact coach Greg for details at [email protected]




Quality reps are more important than a high number of reps. Improve at a faster rate with tips from an experienced Mavs coach.

Send us a video of your child hitting or throwing ( directly side view, minimum 3 consecutive swings) and down the line view ( behind as though you are the catcher). We will then send back at least one thing to work on.

Price: $30 per analysis. e-transfer is preferred but credit card is also accepted.




We look forward to working with your child to inspire and reach his or her goals this season. For booking and pricing enquiries email [email protected]

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