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A Maverick Story Part 2

A Maverick Story Part 2


In the wise words of the notorious Rocky Balboa, “It’s not about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward” 


The famous cinematic moment finishes off the quote by saying that’s how winning is done. Well in case you’ve missed it, that’s exactly what the Mavericks have done the past month and a half. 


From a bad inning to a bad game, to a bad at whatever possibly can go bad in the game of baseball it’s been all good. The red and white have found ways to respond to any and all challenges that have been thrown their way this season.


Take a look at infielder Collin Klingensmith to start. The Duncan Oklahoma native saw his playing time diminish with the arrival of star shortstop PJ Garcia. Instead of finding reasons to stay down, Klingensmith worked even harder to find a new role and now finds himself among the top of the WCBL’s batters contributing and playing each and every night. 


Veteran leaders Sal Rodriguez (Crystal Lake IL) and Colten Wright (Surrey BC) showed their peers that even the big dogs can struggle at times and go through slumps. The two seniors also showed the team how to get out of those same struggles and how to keep coming to work every day essentially, how to be a pro! It’s no surprise that both players have come out on top and are now finding their peak form. Rodriquez currently leads the team in RBI’s while Wright is catching nearly every game. 


Hometown second base all-star Nolan Rattai has saved his best for last as the clock winds down on his final season with the Mavericks. The local product has led the team in hits and when all is said and done, will rest among the all-time best to ever put on the jersey on. 


While it hasn’t been just the offence that’s contributed to a 20-6 record in the last 26 games. The holy grail of baseball the guys on the mound, have seemed to make things work too. From a bad inning to walking a batter at times, a key ingredient in the crockpot of success has been the resiliency from the pitching group. 


Pitchers like Jaymon Cervantes and Owen Steele have shown they are ready for playoff baseball and are capable of throwing deep into games. Like any good bullpen, it hasn’t been just a one-man ship either. Garrett Nicholson, Flynn Ridley, Austin Oulds, Jon Guardado and Liam Rosebeck all have been used and relied upon at different times as well as the rest of the crew. 


No matter what the boys of summer have faced and no matter how hard they have been hit The 2019 Mavericks have shown they will not quit and they are willing to go the distance and do whatever it takes to be successful. 


While nothing is set in stone and with all due respect to the almighty baseball gods, the Mavericks are in good shape as the last few games of the season wind down. Although the future is unknown, there will be no mystery come the final few games as the Mavericks will be battling to solidify a playoff spot and secure home field advantage. 


The Mavericks wrap up a series with Fort McMurray tonight followed by a game with Lethbridge on Sunday (2:05 pm). The regular season officially closes out Wednesday evening with a makeup game in Okotoks. 


Upwards and onwards!


  • Ryder Mckay

  • Media Director

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