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For The Love Of The Game

For The Love Of The Game

For The Love Of The Game

 Why do we all love to play and watch baseball? A very broad question that has many answers that could probably take up this entire article. Are there times where defeat feels like the most crushing thing in the entire universe? Most likely… yes. 

However, doesn’t the saying go 

“there's always another game” or something like that?

In this case for the Medicine Hat Mavericks tonight’s game two against the Lethbridge Bulls has the possibility to be the 2019’s group last game as a team. While it’s nearly impossible in sports to bring back an identical team from the year prior, the team is focusing on playing for each other, friends, family and of course the loud and proud fans of Medicine Hat. 

While the Mavericks are far from packing it in and if history repeats itself which it often seems to do, the fans of the Gas City should be in for quite a wild ride tonight. 

For Seniors Nolan Rattai, Sal Rodriguez and Colton Wright all 3 are aware of what’s at stake and know what the evenings implications could be. Instead of worrying about what could happen, Rodriguez is zeroing in on what he can control and passing that message on to the rest of the team. 

“In big games it’s easy to speed things up in your head. It is extremely important to just slow things down and just do the little things right. If we all can do our job and make the most of every opportunity, we will be in good shape.” 


For Colton Wright his focus is playing for the love of the game and what it means to be a Maverick.

“Baseball has meant everything to me my whole life, playing the game from a young age into young adulthood has allowed me to build so many great relationships with players, coaches and trainers that I will forever be grateful for. Baseball has done so much for me and will impact my life forever. I’m so grateful for everyone who has supported me, including my family and friends but also the city of Medicine Hat. I was fortunate enough to play and win a championship here. I want to thank all the fans of Medicine Hat along with all the staff of the Mavericks and I want to send a huge thanks to Greg Morrison the GM of the Mavs for giving me a place to compete every summer.” 

In Nolan Rattai’s case, the homegrown all-star is playing for his family in the stands and his second family that he’ll go to battle with starting at 7:05pm. 

“Having the support of family and friends has been truly amazing. Having them waiting for me at the ballpark after games giving me support no matter the outcome of the game just helps me not dwell on a loss or bad performance and just look forward to the next game. I am so grateful for all the fans that come support the Mavericks. The crowd gives us players energy. The crowd makes this great game even more fun to play.” 

Like every playoff game, emotions are heightened and tonight’s game will be no different. With the Medicine Hat Mavericks facing elimination for the first time this season, Game 2 will be the red and whites most crucial game of the season. 

Select seating and spots are still available for tonight’s game and can be purchased at the front office. 

“It ain’t over till it’s over” - Yogi Berra 

Ryder McKay

Media Director 


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