Adam Golby finishes his throw against the Swift Current 57s (Colton McKee, 


The Mavericks have reached the midway point of the WCBL season. The team was fortunate enough to be gifted with the return of pitcher Adam Golby to help them in their push for a championship.

Golby was a key part of the Mavericks rotation in 2023. He played a key role in getting the Mavericks to the WCBL finals after he struck out five batters in Game 1 of the conference finals, helping the team secure the win.

But Golby’s aspirations go beyond just the conference finals, as he looks to finish things off in 2024.

“I mean, last year, we almost won; we were one win away. So really, that’s the reason I came back. I just want to win the championship!”

Although the Mavericks have benefited from his services on the mound, Golby didn’t start his career on the hill. Instead, he played first base and was seen as a hitting machine during his high school days at South Central. 

While attending high school in Oyen, he also showed off his talents on the ice, playing hockey during the offseason. Golby feels that it was important for him to have played more than one sport growing up.

“I think, just like the different seasons when you’re young, you don’t just want to focus on one thing. It’s good to play as many sports as you can and keep your athleticism up. I mean, I think hockey makes you tougher, which for me helps with pitching.”.

Adapting to change is one thing that highlights Golby’s athletic career; whether it’s moving from sport to sport or hitter to pitcher, Golby has proved his worth in all areas.

He made the switch from the basepath to the bump when he entered the WCBL with the Swift Current 57s. Golby became a WCBL All-Star with the 57s in his rookie season, where he had a 3.96 ERA. 

“Yeah, I played quite a bit of 1st until I played for the 57s, and then I focused solely on pitching when I was with them. Since then, I have just stuck with it and continued to pitch.”.

From there, he went on to play his collegiate ball at Indian Hills CC before announcing that he was transferring to the University of Mary, the same school that Mavericks Director of Operations Austin Ell pitched at. 

Despite moving away from being a primary hitter, Golby says that situationally, being a hitter helped him understand what pitches he should throw in what scenarios. 

“As a hitter, you kind of understand what’s harder to hit from a batter’s perspective. You also get a sense of what pitches are harder to hit in certain situations.”. 

“I mean, you’re going to try and strike them out if that’s what it takes, at least in a situation where there aren’t any other options. For me, I would probably just send in a bunch of sliders, hope for a strikeout, or get a ground ball and try to force a double play.”.

No matter the circumstance, Adam Golby is poised to help the Mavericks reach their full potential down the stretch. As the only returning pitcher from last season, Golby’s veteran presence will be essential come playoff time.