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Marketing & Ticketing Trevis De Silva

sri Sri Lanka
Current Team

1) What are you looking forward to the most about the upcoming Mavs season?
I come from a region where baseball is not played as a sport at a professional level and l am looking forward to experiencing the electrifying atmosphere of the Athletic park on game day.

2) What are your favourite hobbies?
I Love to Cook (You dont need to pray before partaking…lol), Singing & listening to music, Playing the guitar.

3) Do you have any unique or secret talents?
I’m a classical singer and a guitarist.

4) What is your favourite food?
Rice & Curry, Pork Dumpligs with chilli Soy sauce

5) Any pet peeves we need to know about lol?
People with pride

6) Please provide a brief bio about yourself- background, school, sports and/or work 

I hail from the Island nation of Sri Lanka, where I was born and bred over 3-decades ago. My alma mater, S Thomas College, is one of the oldest in the country, with a heritage of over 150-years. I grew up in Mount Lavinia, which holds significance to the iconic Mount Lavinia Hotel, which was the official residence of Thomas Maitland, the Governor of then Ceylon in 1806.

Although sports (Cricket & Basketball) were an integral part of my college life, my affinity towards them soon diminished when I took on a new interest in singing and joined the college choir subsequently where I continued until the completion of my education in 2003.

I come with 18+ years of corporate experience where I have had the privilege of working for large multi-national organizations in areas such as Business Development, Sales & Marketing, & Customer Relationship Management. I am also a Member of the Charted Institute of Marketing UK with a Postgraduates in Marketing, A Diploma holder in Customer Care Management, and a Technician Certificate in Automobile Engineering.