Tory Nelson gathers with his teammates before a game (Colton McKee, 


The Mavericks head into this summer with a new face on their staff, however, he’s not a new face within the organization. 


Tory Nelson is taking his talents to the dugout in 2024 as he assumes a new role as an assistant coach of the Medicine Hat Mavericks.

The 21-year-old Medicine Hat native who has been a mainstay in the city’s baseball scene is ready to get things underway! Despite having no official coaching roles prior to this one, Nelson says he’s worked with younger players throughout his time in college and even had a stint coaching first base for the Mavs. “I know I have a lot to learn and have some great mentors with great experience. I am excited to learn everything, I am just looking to improve in every area and helping the players out as much as possible”.


This isn’t Nelson’s first rodeo with the Mavericks as he was a Swiss army knife for the team last season playing just about every position on the field…. yes, even pitcher! Nelson put forth a .233 average along with knocking in 16 RBIs and carrying a dependable glove in the field. 

Nelson just closed out his playing career with Valley City State University Vikings and is optimistic about the transition because of his experiences as a player. “I think something that helps me a lot with coaching is that I am fresh out of the game, I am able to understand and connect with the players “I still can see the game from a player’s point of view which can be very beneficial to the coaching staff”.


For Nelson, a new direction stimulated lots of reflection, “Playing for the Mavs I had some of the most fun summers of my life. The teammates I had became lifelong friends, The fans and atmosphere gave me such a burst of adrenaline that I was lucky enough to experience for two summers”. 

Nelson highlighted the privilege that it is not only to play in the WCBL but also for the Mavericks and he hopes to help his players recognize how fortunate they are. “There’s thousands of ball players that would love to be in the position those guys are in, they need to remember that they are there to have a blast and put on a show. The summer flies by and they need to embrace every moment”. 


Nelson is thankful for the opportunity he has been given and showed his gratitude toward the Mavericks. “Mo, Kevin, and everyone involved in the organization from top to bottom are incredible people. It is an organization that I am very proud to be a part of, we have some unfinished business coming into this season, we got a taste of the championship last year, but I want to be a part of winning the championship this year”!

The newly-titled “Coach Nelson” will make his dugout debut on the road against the team he helped eliminate in last season’s playoffs in the Miller Express, when they open the season on May 25th in Moose Jaw.