The comeback has become a normal thing for the Mavericks in 2024, as they once again overcome another six-point deficit at home to power past the Edmonton Prospects. 

Josh Higgins had a strong 4-inning start for the Prospects, as he only allowed the Mavericks to sneak one run past him, and he allowed the prospects to settle into the game. Eventually, the Edmonton bats caught fire, producing five runs in the first three innings.

Their first offensive explosion was capped off by a Zach Barnao solo shot that flew over the walking path behind Athletic Park. Longtime Mavs announcer Wayne Schlosser said it was one of the farthest home runs he had seen in a Mavs game at Athletic Park. 

Edmonton was in the driver’s seat after the top of the 6th, where they punched home four more runs, making the score 10-4. It seemed as though time was the only thing that could stop the prospects from winning, and funny enough, that is exactly what took them down. 

Good teams find ways to win ball games that they have no business being in, and boy did the Mavericks prove they are more than capable of doing so in the latter half of this one.

From one batter to the next, the Mavs just kept passing the baton and slowly chipped away at the Prospect’s lead. Jordan Phillips mashed a double into center field, which brought home both Marshall Burke and Jaden Babiuk. Then Phillips allowed Brady Bean to bring him in after Bean launched a rocket that just got up over the center field fence for a two-run homer. 

A five-run takeover gave the Mavericks life and, better yet, brought them within just one run of the Prospects. But they still had to find a way to put the prospect’s offence to bed after allowing their bats to stick around for most of the game. 

After a clean 7th inning in which Cesar Rodriguez picked apart the Prospects bats, the eights saw the same from Cesar and set the stage for the Mavs to complete the comeback in the bottom of the 8th. 

Tyler Vanneste kicked the party off with a single, and Brady Bean followed suit just a pitch later, which threw two runners on for the Mavs. Michael Quick’s putout would advance both runners into scoring position, setting up a pressure-filled at-bat for Johnny Vulcano.

If you can remember back a few games ago, Johnny hit a walk-off sacrifice fly in the Mavericks comeback victory over the Moose Jaw Miller Express. Once again, Vulcano shinned under pressure as he sent a hard grounder into the left, good enough to score Vanneste from 3rd.

Micah Dvorak followed Vulcano to the plate and threw a flyer into right field to score Brady Bean and give the Mavericks the lead. The Mavs added one more run thanks to Marshall Burke and took a two-run lead into the ninth.

The ninth looked promising, with two batters in as Cesar Rodriguez struck out back-to-back batters. He followed his strong start with two walks off of full counts, and suddenly the Prospects had been given a lifeline.

Rodriguez held things together as he took care of Lachie Smith, striking him out and ending what was yet another come-from-behind victory at home. You don’t plan to be down by six runs, but the Mavericks have been committed to playing until the last out, which has served them well all season and will be an important tool come playoff time.

To cap things off, the Mavericks won 12-10, with Cesar Rodriguez earning the win for Med Hat and Ryan Derbawka taking the loss for Edmonton.

Jordan Phillips finished the day with two hits for two RBIs, while Brady Bean had three hits, including a home run, while also knocking in two RBIs.

The Mavericks will be home again on Monday as they face off against the Weyburn Beavers. The Prospects will head down to Moose Jaw for a night game against the Miller Express.